We have a full schedule of entertainments for your enjoyment. Not all are listed here yet, but will be soon. Be sure to check back before the faire for the complete list.


Corr Thieves

We sing, we dance, we drink, we laugh, we cry and more often then not we rob you blind! Okay, actually we are an action packed comedic extravaganza! Or maybe just a comedic act with tons and tons of action! How about a comedic act with some awesome action? WAIT! I got it! How about this: “High Flying Fantasy Comedic Action!”

Granny Gruesome

Granny Gruesome is the creation of storyteller Glee Violette. Her stage act is interactive, for all ages. The stories and songs are original, funny, not scary, but with a definite ewwwwwww factor.

Granny Grue is a zombie who doesn’t realize she is dead, poor thing, and wonders why she keeps losing her ears. On her shoulder sits Rosco, an amazing puppet that appears to move independently. Kids are fascinated, adults are startled. Granny gives a charmed bauble to ward off bad dreams to anyone …

Misfits of Avalon

The Neville Companye

The Neville Companye is a medieval reenactment group based in Gardiner, Maine, USA. They portray a military unit of Sir Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, during the War of the Roses (1377-1485).

Neville Companye creates a period environment by researching and making clothing, arms and armour of that period as well as other crafts, skills and common day-to-day activities of the 15th century. Sewing, cooking, metalworking, woodworking, archery, etc.

They also do public demonstrations of live steel combat using rebated (dulled) weapons while wearing period armour.

Stop by their period style camp in the Adventure Glen anytime during the day!


Shimmynanigans of Lotus Fire Studio

Come and be mesmerized by the lovely dancers of Lotus Fire Studio and guests. And maybe a bit taunted, teased, and perhaps slightly terrified. But all in good fun, of course! We would never do anything truly devious…

Shimmynanigans is a group of Middle Eastern style dancers headed by our teacher Sabrina, and one of her professional students, Dima. Along for the ride are our students and guest dancers from the Southern New Hampshire area.



Earl Witt

Faire Maid Fiddler